Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today was a great day in Walkin' The Tightrope world! SOCIETY and KARMALOOP graciously woke themselves up early morning to come visit and speak to my students about the magic they make on a daily basis and process of transforming student designs into something Karmaloop-ready...


The progress continues....

Brendan explained the "MORE COLOR - MORE MONEY" rule. This had everyone all excited to calculate the value of their own t-shirt. How many colors do you see on your t-shirt? If each color costs $20.00, how much did it cost to print?! 

 Miguel and Brendan also explained the parameters of our printing capabilities for this project. We must fit our images, graphics, designs, and logos within an 
"imaginary box" in the center of the t-shirt. He then showed examples of how other t-shirts in the audience followed this same guideline- WITHOUT YOU EVEN NOTICING! 
OOOOOoooohh AAAaaaahhh.....


I'd like to give a big shout out and thank you to Brendan, Ben, Miguel, and Marcel from SOCIETY and KARMALOOP for sharing a little bit of their passion with us today. We were honored to welcome fellow Boston visionaries to our school. Although our Walkin' The Tightrope T-shirts will be printed "inside the box," our thinking and ambition for this project has gone far outside, above, under, through, up, up, and away! Thank you for your support in making us a success!

*Also thank you to Ms. Gooding, Mr. Brown, Ms. Waterbury and all the other teachers who donated their time in order to allow this appearance to happen today!

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